Name: Pixie Lott – Turn It Up (Louder) [iTunes Plus M4A]

    Name: Pixie Lott – Young Foolish Happy (Deluxe Edition) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  2. Please somebody, reupload this album:
    Amy Macdonald – This is the Life Special Edition

  3. Can this be reuploaded , please ?
    INGRID โ€“ Trill Feels โ€“ EP [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2016/10/ingrid-trill-feels-ep-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  4. Can this be reuploaded, please?
    Bรดa โ€“ Twilight [iTunes Plus M4A]


  5. Hi can you please re-upload this one, please please please! Nina Kraviz โ€“ fabric 91: Nina Kraviz [iTunes Plus M4A]


  6. Kendrick Lamar โ€“ HUMBLE. โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A]

    please reupload !!

  7. The Koi Boys โ€“ Meant To Be [iTunes Plus M4A]

    Please reupload!

  8. Hi, Can you please reupload these albums:

    Camarata Chorus and Orchestra โ€“ Alice In Wonderland: Music from the Score, Conducted By Camarata [iTunes Plus M4A]

  9. please reupload
    DJ Snake โ€“ Let Me Love You (feat. Justin Bieber) [Andrew Watt Acoustic Remix] โ€“ Single http://itdmusic.me/2016/12/dj-snake-let-me-love-you-feat-justin-bieber-andrew-watt-acoustic-remix-single-itunes-plus-m4a.html


  10. Name: Justin Timberlake โ€“ The 20/20 Experience โ€“ The Complete Experience โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ Album

  11. Name: Erasure โ€“ Gaudete โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ Single

  12. Rita Ora โ€“ I Will Never Let You Down (Remixes) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2014

  13. Reup thse Taylor Swift โ€“ Shake It Off โ€“ iTunes Plus M4V โ€“ 2014 http://itdmusic.me/2014/08/taylor-swift-shake-it-off-itunes-plus-m4v-2014.html these is a video not a album thanks you so much

  14. PLease, reupload

    Edu Ribeiro – Flor D’lis (Sol, a Lis e o Beija-flor) (iTunes Plus M4A) – Single

  15. Reupload
    Violet Days โ€“ O.D on You โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A]

  16. Hello, can you please re-upload:
    Gorillaz โ€“ Revolving Doors/Amarillo โ€“ Single โ€“ [iTunes Plus M4A]

  17. Hello. Could you please re-upload:

    Name: Cliff Martinez โ€“ Only God Forgives (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/05/cliff-martinez-only-god-forgives-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-itunes-plus-m4a.html

    Thank you in advance.

  18. cookiebutternutter

    Hello. Could you please re-upload:

    Danny Elfman โ€“ Wanted (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]

    Thank you.

  19. cookiebutternutter

    Hello. Could you please re-upload:

    Various Artists โ€“ Music and Lyrics (Music from the Motion Picture) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2006

    Thank you.

  20. The Shacks – The Shacks EP [http://itdmusic.me/2016/11/the-shacks-the-shacks-ep-itunes-plus-m4a.html]

  21. Can you re-upload:

    Name: Keane โ€“ Hopes and Fears (Deluxe Edition) โ€“ Album [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2014/06/keane-hopes-and-fears-deluxe-edition-itunes-plus-m4a-2004.html

    Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Please upload

    Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross โ€“ The Social Network (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) [iTunes Plus M4A]


  23. Can you please reupload this? Thank you

    Various Artists โ€“ Phineas and Ferb: Across the 1st and 2nd Dimensions โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ Album


  24. Bjรถrk โ€“ Vulnicura Strings (Vulnicura : The Acoustic Version โ€“ Strings, Voice and Viola Organista Only) [iTunes Plus M4A]


  25. Can you please reupload this? Thanks
    Name:Barbra Streisand โ€“ 45 Albums โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A

  26. DJ Snake โ€“ Let Me Love You (feat. Justin Bieber) [Andrew Watt Acoustic Remix] โ€“ Single http://itdmusic.me/2016/12/dj-snake-let-me-love-you-feat-justin-bieber-andrew-watt-acoustic-remix-single-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  27. Please, I’m begging you guys. reupload this

    Bjรถrk – Songs from the Volta Tour (Live)
    Link: http://itdmusic.me/2015/04/bjork-songs-from-the-volta-tour-live-itunes-plus-m4a.html#comment-40421

  28. reupload Michael Giacchino โ€“ Cars 2 (Original Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/04/michael-giacchino-cars-2-original-soundtrack-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  29. Big request. Please reupload this.
    Massive Attack โ€“ Heligoland (Deluxe Version) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2010

  30. Thalรญa โ€“ 14 Albums + 1 EP + 3 Singles + 1 Video โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A + M4V

  31. Name: Himesh Reshammiya & Pritam โ€“ Bodyguard (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/05/himesh-reshammiya-pritam-bodyguard-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  32. Name: Sulaiman & Salim โ€“ Fashion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/05/sulaiman-salim-fashion-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  33. Name: A. R. Rahman โ€“ Lagaan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/05/a-r-rahman-lagaan-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  34. Name: Anu Malik, A. R. Rahman & Ranjit Barot โ€“ Fiza (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A http://itdmusic.me/2015/04/anu-malik-a-r-rahman-ranjit-barot-fiza-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  35. Hi. Please reupload: Tarja โ€“ What Lies Beneath [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/04/tarja-what-lies-beneath-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  36. Please reupload: Tarja โ€“ My Winter Storm (Bonus Track Version) [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/04/tarja-my-winter-storm-bonus-track-version-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  37. Please reupload: Tarja โ€“ I Feel Immortal (International Version) โ€“ EP [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/04/tarja-i-feel-immortal-international-version-ep-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  38. Please reupload:Marcus & Martinus – Together [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2016/11/marcus-martinus-together-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  39. please reupload RADWIMPS โ€“ Batsu To Maru To Tsumi To – and Radwimps other albums on this http://itdmusic.me/2016/11/radwimps-batsu-to-maru-to-tsumi-to-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  40. Could you please reupload this: Billie Eilish & Astronomyy โ€“ Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Edit) โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2016/11/billie-eilish-astronomyy-ocean-eyes-astronomyy-edit-single-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  41. this is so impossible to find, please reupload ItDmusic team:
    La Roux – Sidetracked http://itdmusic.me/2014/06/la-roux-sidetracked-itunes-plus-m4a-2012.html

  42. Name: Jonny Greenwood โ€“ The Master (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]


    Could you please re-upload this? Thank you.

  43. Thanks Please reupload RADWIMPS โ€“ Zettaizetsumei [iTunes Plus M4A] itdmusic.me/2016/11/radwimps-zettaizetsumei-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  44. And also please reupload the link for this “sakanaction โ€“ ๅคšๅˆ†ใ€้ขจใ€‚ โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A itdmusic.me/2016/10/sakanaction-ๅคšๅˆ†ใ€้ขจใ€‚-single-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  45. Various Artists โ€“ Music from the O.C. Mix, Vol. 2 [iTunes Plus M4A]

  46. reupload this post!!!! por favor, graciasssss
    Name: Enrique Iglesias โ€“ 18 Videos [iTunes Plus M4V] http://itdmusic.me/2015/05/enrique-iglesias-18-videos-itunes-plus-m4v.html

  47. Please re-upload this album (close to my heart)!
    Name : Sir Sly – You Haunt Me (Album) (2014)

    Link : http://itdmusic.me/2014/09/sir-sly-you-haunt-me-itunes-plus-m4a-2014.html

  48. Please Re Upload Linkin Park All Discography

  49. Please re-upload. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Name: Adam Lambert โ€“ For Your Entertainment (UK Deluxe Version) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A+M4V โ€“ 2010 http://itdmusic.me/2014/01/adam-lambert-for-your-entertainment-uk-deluxe-version-itunes-plus-m4am4v-2010.html

  50. Hello again. I’m sorry for being so annoying, but please re-upload:

    Name: Daft Punk โ€“ Random Access Memories [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2014/06/daft-punk-random-access-memories-itunes-plus-m4a-2013.html

    Thank you.

  51. Please reupload
    Various Artists โ€“ The Evil Within (Original Game Soundtrack)


  52. Reupload this amazing soundtrack too
    Various Artists โ€“ Dishonored (Original Game Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]


  53. Britney Spears โ€“ Videography โ€“ iTunes Plus M4V โ€“ 1999-2013

  54. Please, reupload all music videos of Rihanna!

  55. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday … Roman Reloaded (Deluxe Edition) Album [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2014/05/nicki-minaj-pink-friday-roman-reloaded-deluxe-edition-itunes-plus-m4a-2012.html

  56. Name: M.I.A. – Like This (Bonus Track) โ€“ Matangi (Amazon Exclusive Version) [Amazon MP3/iTunes AAC M4A]

  57. Name: Alo Lee โ€“ Twice Burned โ€“ EP [iTunes Plus M4A]

  58. Name: 50 Cent โ€“ Animal Ambition An Untamed Desire To Win (Deluxe) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A+M4V โ€“ 2014

  59. Name: Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends โ€“ Come Le Star [iTunes Match M4A]

  60. Name: Various Artists โ€“ High School Musical โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ Album

  61. Please re-upload…

    Name: System of a Down โ€“ Toxicity (Bonus Track Version) [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2015/04/system-of-a-down-toxicity-bonus-track-version-itunes-plus-m4a.html

    Thank you. ^^

  62. Please re-uploadโ€ฆ

    Name: Galantis โ€“ The Aviary [iTunes Plus M4A]


    Thank you

  63. Please re-upload…

    Name: 50 Cent โ€“ Animal Ambition An Untamed Desire To Win (Deluxe) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A+M4V โ€“ 2014


    Thank you

  64. Please Reupload
    Name: 12 Years a Slave

  65. please reupload
    Name : Royal Blood โ€“ Royal Blood โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2014


  66. Plz re-upload:

    Name: Breaking Benjamin โ€“ Phobia โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2006


    Thank you. ^^

  67. Please iTD team! Please reupload this album ?
    Martin Solveig โ€“ Smash (Deluxe Edition) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A+M4V โ€“ 2012

  68. please reupload
    Name : Royal Blood โ€“ Royal Blood โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2014


  69. Please re-uploadโ€ฆ

    Name: 50 Cent โ€“ Animal Ambition An Untamed Desire To Win (Deluxe) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A+M4V โ€“ 2014


    Thank you!!!!

  70. Please re-uploadโ€ฆ

    Name: 50 Cent โ€“ Animal Ambition An Untamed Desire To Win (Deluxe) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A+M4V โ€“ 2014


    Thank you
    Please hurry!!!!!!

  71. Please re-uploadโ€ฆ

    Name: 50 Cent โ€“ Animal Ambition An Untamed Desire To Win (Deluxe) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A+M4V โ€“ 2014


    Thank you
    Please hurry!!!!!!
    Please Please Please!!!!!!!

  72. Name: Alxndr London โ€“ A Long Time Ago EP [iTunes Plus M4A]


    Thanks Yoshi!

  73. Name: Nicki Minaj โ€“ Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2012

  74. Da Brat โ€“ Unrestricted itdmusic.me/2016/12/da-brat-unrestricted-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  75. please reupload Aquilo โ€“ You Wonโ€™t Know Where You Stand โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2016/10/aquilo-you-wont-know-where-you-stand-single-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  76. Hey !! Please reupload this
    “Spoon – Hot Thoughts”

  77. inc. no world โ€“ As Light as Light [iTunes Plus M4A]



  78. [Paulo’s Purchases]
    JD Natasha โ€“ Imperfecta (Imperfect) [iTunes Plus M4A]



    Paramore โ€“ The Final Riot! [iTunes Movie SD]

  80. The song is broken. Please.

    Tom Grennan โ€“ I Might โ€“ Pre-Single [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.me/2017/12/tom-grennan-i-might-pre-single-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  81. Eminem โ€“ Walk On Water (feat. Beyoncรฉ) โ€“ Single [Clean Version] [iTunes Plus M4A]

  82. Please, reupload

    Name: Whitney Avalon & Sarah Michelle Gellar โ€“ Cinderella vs. Belle (Princess Rap Battle) โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A]

  83. Would you kindly reupload this one? since I haven’t found it anywhere else with a working link

    Thank you very very much

  84. Rihanna โ€“ Good Girl Gone Bad โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2008

  85. Please, somebady can reupload this album or just the single “Tatuaje”

  86. Please, re-upload this… ^^;

    Panic! At the Disco โ€“ Panic! At the Disco Video Catalog โ€“ iTunes Plus M4V โ€“ Video

  87. Please, reupload this single with the three songs…

    Voltaj โ€“ De la capat (All over again) [Eurovision Version]


  88. Reupload this album, please.
    Name: Jain โ€“ Zanaka (Deluxe) [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.site/2016/11/jain-zanaka-deluxe-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  89. Please, reupload Frankmusik Complete Me pleeeeeeease!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  90. Flunk โ€“ The Songs We Sing (Best of 2002-2012) [Deluxe Version] [iTunes Plus M4A]

  91. Ferras โ€“ Medicine (feat. Raja Kumari) โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A]

  92. Example
    Name: Years & Years โ€“ Desire (feat. Tove Lo) โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.site/2016/03/years-years-desire-feat-tove-lo-single-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  93. Bruno Mars โ€“ Finesse (Remix) [feat. Cardi B] โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A] – http://itdmusic.site/2018/01/bruno-mars-finesse-remix-feat-cardi-b-single-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  94. please somebody!! for my collection
    Ellie Goulding โ€“ On My Mind โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A]

  95. Katy Perry โ€“ One of the Boys (Bonus Track Version) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ Album

  96. Name: 12 Years A Slave
    Link: http://itdmusic.site/?s=12+years+a+slave
    Please reupload

  97. Name glee cast singles
    Plesse reupload

  98. Re-upload this please, thanks !

    MISIA โ€“ ๅ›ใฎใใฐใซใ„ใ‚‹ใ‚ˆ โ€“ EP [iTunes Plus M4A]

  99. Please reupload

    Brett โ€“ Brett โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2014


  100. Jonas Brothers โ€“ Jonas L.A. โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2010 http://itdmusic.site/2014/11/jonas-brothers-jonas-l-a.html
    Plz Reupload!!!

  101. Hi, please reupload this wonderful album official iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/discovery/697194953?l=es

  102. Hi, please upload this re-release 2018 of This House IS Not For Sale with 2 new tracks (When We Were Us and Walls)


  103. name. Bruno Mars โ€“ It Will Rain โ€“ iTunes Plus M4V

    link. http://itdmusic.site/2013/09/bruno-mars-it-will-rain-itunes-plus-m4v-video.html

    pls i accidentally deleted might while i was cleaning my drive

  104. Can you please re-upload Megan Hilty’s It Happens All The Time album. I have been looking for it everywhere! Thank you.

  105. Please re-up Charles Bredley – Victim of Love 2013 – album http://itdmusic.site/2014/06/charles-bradley-victim-of-love-itunes-plus-m4a-2013.html Thanks alot

  106. Matheus Cavalcante

    Name: Phil Collins โ€“ Tarzan (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  107. PLEASE reupload
    Beyoncรฉ โ€“ Work It Out โ€“ EP โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2002


  108. Please, please reupload. I found this amazing soundtrack only on iTD

    Name: Selma Mutal & Javier Fuentes-Leon โ€“ Contracorriente โ€“ Undertow (The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  109. Queen Of The Dark

    Ariana Grande โ€“ My Everything (Deluxe) โ€“ iTunes Plus M4A โ€“ 2014 http://itdmusic.site/2014/08/ariana-grande-my-everything-deluxe-itunes-plus-m4a-2014.html

  110. Please reupload

    Name: Michael Giacchino โ€“ Doctor Strange (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  111. PLEASE reupload

    Vanessa Hudgens โ€“ V [iTunes Plus M4A + M4V]


  112. If you could, please reupload this,
    Name: Bleachers – Strange Desire [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.site/2015/04/bleachers-strange-desire-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  113. Hi, can fix the link please? (:
    Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster (Deluxe Edition) [Japan] [iTunes Plus M4A] http://itdmusic.site/2014/09/lady-gaga-the-fame-monster-deluxe-version-mastered-for-itunes-itunes-plus-m4a-2014.html#comments

  114. Please if you still have it could you re-up:

    Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton & Chad Seiter โ€“ Fringe: Season 1 (Original Television Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  115. Please if you still have it could you re-up:

    Chris Tilton & Michael Giacchino โ€“ Fringe: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  116. Please if you still have it could you re-up:

    Chris Tilton โ€“ Fringe: Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  117. Please if you still have it could you re-up:

    Chris Tilton โ€“ Fringe: Season 4 (Original Television Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  118. Please if you still have it could you re-up:

    Chris Tilton โ€“ Fringe, Season 5 (Original Television Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  119. โ€– Paul โ€–

    Hey, guys! Could you please re-upload this?
    Name: TINI โ€“ TINI (Martina Stoessel) [Deluxe Edition] http://itdmusic.site/2017/05/tini-tini-martina-stoessel-deluxe-edition-itunes-plus-m4a.html

  120. Please re-up ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wanessa Camargo – Vai Que Vira Amor [Single] [iTunes Match]


  121. Loreen โ€“ Heal (Japan Edition) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  122. could you please re-upload somos tu y yo segunda temporada itunes plus album?


  123. Please reupload “รlbum” by “Lu” (mexican Duo)

    Also “Cold, Dark & Dirty” by “The Bell Brothers”


  124. tomandandy โ€“ The Apparition (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus M4A]

  125. Cartridge Ryan Fraditya

    please reupload this, thank you so much <3

    Taylor Swift โ€“ Wildest Dreams (R3hab Remix) โ€“ Single [iTunes Plus M4A]

  126. Cartridge Ryan Fraditya
  127. [yoshi’s Purchases]
    Katy Perry โ€“ Witness (Deluxe) [Clean Version] [iTunes Plus M4A]: http://itdmusic.com/2018/06/katy-perry-witness-deluxe-clean-version-itunes-plus-m4a.html

    The Google shortener blocked the first link because it violated the Terms of Use. So it’s not good you to use this shortener.
    And Zippyshare is bad; the file is already off. I do not recommend using it. Cloud Mail.Ru is the best!

  128. Hello!

    Could you please reupload:
    Zara Larsson โ€“ Weak Heart (The Remixes) โ€“ EP [iTunes Plus M4A]

    Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. all Tori Amos , links is dead fixed please

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